Conservation Efforts

SMFCF is dedicated to working with other organizations in an effort to preserve our estuaries and other habitats.  Through various partnerships, we teach others how to be responsible stewards of their natural resources.  We hope to raise awareness of the importance of habitat protection and taking ownership of the health of our environment.

Oyster Bagging
We have partnered with Guana Tolomato Matanzas Research Reserve's (GTMRR) Shoreline Restoration Project by rebuilding oyster reefs.  Volunteers come together to bag oyster shells.  These bags are then laid on the shoreline to provide a place for oysters to attach and grow, ultimately rebuilding the oyster reefs, which are so crucial to the health of our estuaries.
(pictures of oyster bagging)

SMFCF was featured in the GTMRR Newsletter.  See write-up below:
Environmental Clean-up
SMFCF believes that one of the best ways to learn is by doing something.  Instead of just talking about conservation, we offer monthly environmental clean-ups open to the community as a way for volunteers to get out and take action.  Picking up trash and talking about marine debris and how we can prevent pollution of our waterways is a great way to teach our future generations about what conservation really is and how we can do our part to sustain a healthy environment for ourselves as well as plant and animal life. 
SMFCF has teamed up with local Marine Biology teacher, Robin Lemons, to offer students the opportunity to get involved in sustaining healthy waterways. Additionally, SMFCF participates in the annual International Coast Clean-up organized by the Ocean Conservancy.  Trash and debris that is collected from our coastlines is logged using the Clean Swell App.  This is an interactive way to help groups engage even the youngest family members.  Everyone can be involved in a coastal clean-up to learn the importance of conservation.
Want to get involved in a clean-up?  Check out our projects and volunteer at: